On February 16, 2019, actor Don Cheadle proudly wore a statement while hosting Saturday Night Live. His shirt read "PROTECT TRANS KIDS".

And he went viral, especially within the LGBTQ+ community.

An idea was conceptualized between moms of trans kids. They wanted to give back to small LGBTQ+ youth organizations, as well as those organizations that serve people of color. There's just too many underfunded amazing organizations who deserve this assistance.


Within hours, we had a beautiful artist commissioned for our T-Shirt designs, a donor for our initial product, and this website up and running. 

Within 12 hours, we had 165 T-Shirts sold! This is called showing up for our trans kids!

Every few months, we will highlight different organizations to receive the proceeds of these T-Shirts. If you are a small LGBTQ+ nonprofit and are interested in being added to our list of recipients, please email TransHopeTees@gmail.com.


Meet The Team

Vanessa Nichols

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{She/Her/Hers} Co-founder of the TransLoveProject, Vanessa is a parent to an amazing transgender son, on a mission to create a kinder world. She's an accidental activist and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. She is also an amateur writer, a business owner, a yogi, a traveler, and a dog lover. Vanessa spends most of her free time volunteering for various causes, writing about her life and planning travel adventures whenever possible.

Vanessa is chair member of her county's Stonewall Democrats Caucus, a PFLAG member, a member of the Human Rights Campaign, a member of the National Center for Trans Equality's family group, has been a member of many panel discussions for trans youth education, and also serves as a Trans Ally mom.

Vanessa is heavily involved in local activism in her home state of Florida and was an integral part of lobbying for inclusive guidelines for her county's schools which were passed in October of 2018. Trans activism and advocacy has become her life's work.

Visit her blog at VanessaLeeNic.com.

ShoShanna Carroll

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{She/Her/Hers} Original T-shirt art designer, co-founder, for the TransLoveProject, Shana Carroll identifies as a transwoman, is an advocate, and an artist, based in Durham, North Carolina. Since coming out, she has found the power of art as a way to engage and transform minds. She uses art to protest, to encourage, but most of all, she uses art to share her heart with the world.

 Outside of art, Shana has an affinity for all things comics, loves animals, and has been married for ten years. When she isn’t drawing, you will find her reading, mostly about vampires, and writing her personal blogs, mostly stories about her beloved trans community.

Shana is passionate about art that expresses her love for her trans community.

For inquires about commissioned projects, please contact her at ShoshannaCarroll@gmail.com.

Jenn Dane

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{She/Her/Hers} Donor to the start-up of the TransLoveProject, Jenn is a fierce ally. During her military service she was investigated during Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for loving someone of the same gender. This sparked her passion for policy and advocacy. After fulfilling her military commitment with the United States Air Force, she decided to pursue her life-long passion, education. Jennifer was admitted into The Ohio State's Educational Studies Ph.D. program and is currently completing her Ph.D. in Education with a major focus in educational policy and a minor in educational history. She is also a kindergarten teacher at a private school in Northern California. 

Although Jennifer is no longer serving as an active duty service member, she continues to be involved in the military community. She currently serves as the Diversity & Inclusion Policy Analyst for The American Military Partner Association and serves on the Military Advisor Council for OutServe-SLDN. 

Jennifer continually strives to change the world through learning, engaging with other, and honoring her commitment to leaving the world a better place than it was before she was born.

For more on Jenn, visit her website JenniferLDane.com

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